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Dreamcatcher Not Just a Fairytale in London

Dreamcatcher capped off a successful year and tour with a performance at the O2 Academy Brixton in London last week in support of their "Apocalypse: Follow Us" tour. The seven member group recently came back with their seventh mini album VISION but also recently renewed their contract with Dreamcatcher Company / Happyface Entertainment.

Masters of the K-pop/K-rock genre that has been en vogue as of late, the group is led by lead vocalist/dancer/visual JiU. She's joined by main dancer SuA, main vocal SiYeon, sub vocalist HanDong, lead vocalist YooHyeon, main rapper DaMi and the maknae GaHyeon.

Performing fan favorites "Scream", "BOCA" and "Maison", Dreamcatcher interwove songs from their most recent comeback throughout the concert set. Starting with show with the single VISION, Dreamcatcher also performed Fairytale, Some Love and Rainy Day.

London InSomnia were also treated with a few surprises during the show, including a cover of Anne Marie's 2002 by YooHyeon as well as a sultry performance by both YooHyeon and SiYeon of "No Dot".

Each member was overjoyed to be back in London, as the group performed there in 2019. However, none were as happy as member HanDong, who couldn't join the group during the last tour because of a scheduling conflict. "So for me, it's been a long time since I've last been in London," she said. "So, compared to the last time I was here, I'm proud to see how much we've grown. The road is long, so let's go together!"

Check out some of our photos from the performance below!

Dojeon Media received a photo and review ticket from MyMusicTaste, the promoters of Dreamcatcher's Apocalypse: Follow Us tour. It did not influence the coverage of this concert.


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