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Embracing Peace and Love: BTS's Message in ("The Epilogue : Young Forever")

In the world of music, some artists go beyond creating catchy tunes and captivating performances. They become advocates for peace, love, and meaningful connections. BTS, the globally renowned South Korean group, has consistently used their music to spread messages of harmony and positivity!

BTS speech in The White House
BTS speech in The White House

In this Korean Friday article, we will delve into the song ("THE EPILOGUE: Young Forever") to explore how BTS promotes peace and love through its lyrics. As we embark on this Korean learning journey, we will unravel the profound meaning behind their words and discover the transformative power of their message while relating it to the war situation that happens nowadays!


1. 막이 내리고, 나는 숨이 차

● If we relate it to the situation of war we will see that it discusses the impact of war on individuals' ability to live freely and breathe without fear.

2. 복잡해진 마음, 숨을 내쉰다

● War brings complexity and turmoil to the hearts of those affected. You can Practice expressing complicated emotions in Korean and discuss the importance of finding peace within oneself.

3. 오늘 뭐 실수는 없었었나

● This sentence Reflects on the consequences of mistakes during times of war, and it Discusses the weight of responsibility and the need for peace to prevent irreversible errors. You can practice asking this question in Korean to encourage introspection and personal growth.

4. 관객들의 표정은 어땠던가

● War affects not only the direct participants but also innocent bystanders. You can use this sentence as a starting point to explore the importance of protecting civilians and fostering peace.

5. 그래도 행복해 난 이런 내가 돼서

● Despite the hardships of war, individuals may find solace in their existence.

6. 누군가 소리 지르게 만들 수가 있어서

● War showcases the destructive power of conflict. Discuss the negative consequences of violence and the importance of seeking peaceful resolutions. Explore alternative ways to make an impact and create positive change.

7. 채 가시지 않은 여운들을 품에 안고

● Even after a war ends, its effects continue to linger in the hearts and minds of those who experienced it.

8. 아직도 더운 텅 빈 무대에 섰을 때

● This sentence paints a picture of the desolation left behind by war. Describe the aftermath of conflict, including the destruction of infrastructure and the emotional toll on individuals.

9. 더운 텅 빈 무대에 섰을 때 (ayy)

(On the hot and empty stage, ayy)

- Same breakdown as in sentence 8, with the additional interjection "ayy" at the end

● Try to Practice incorporating interjections into your Korean conversations to convey emotions effectively and engage in meaningful discussions.

10. 괜한 공허함에 난 겁을 내 (ayy)

- Same breakdown as in sentence 9, with the additional interjection "ayy" at the end.

● War often leaves behind a sense of emptiness and fear, you can discuss and learn some sentences about the value of diplomacy, understanding, and cooperation in Korean.

Through their music, BTS has consistently advocated for peace, love, and unity. The Epilogue of "Young Forever" serves as a beautiful testament to their commitment to spreading positive messages and inspiring their listeners. As we explore the lyrics of this song, we not only deepen our understanding of the Korean language but also gain valuable insights into the importance of embracing peace and love in our own lives.

BTS at the United Nations
BTS at the United Nations

Let us be inspired by BTS's powerful message and embody their vision of a more harmonious world, one word and one action at a time. What do you think? Do you want a part two? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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