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Environmentally Friendly K-pop Songs You Haven't Heard!

Dreamcatcher - Maison (YouTube)
Dreamcatcher - "Maison" (YouTube)

K-pop groups are known for such diverse concepts. From songs about having a first crush, being independent, or traveling through time and space--- K-pop has it. But did you know there are also K-pop groups that tackle the environment in their songs?

Let's dive into some K-pop songs about environmental issues! For our 1st entry, here is Dreamcatcher!

1. Dreamcatcher - "Maison"

Dreamcatcher - Maison (YouTube)
Dreamcatcher - "Maison" (YouTube)

Dreamcatcher is known for its exquisite sound and dark concept. They have a nice list of discographies, and one of its masterpieces is "Maison". "Maison" is a song that opens our eyes to the current situation of our world. It tackles environmental issues and calls for aid to save our planet. Check out their music video!

2. NCT 127 - "Save"

NCT 127 - Save (YouTube)
NCT 127 - Save (YouTube)

NCT 127 is a group compact with diverse and experimental tracks, and this is what makes them unique. For their collaboration with Samsung Memory, they released the song; entitled "Save with Amoeba Culture". This track dives into the importance of saving our memories; with a futuristic feel. However, it is not only about the memories. The music video of the said track is also filled with a mix of technology and nature, illustrating that these two ideas can live together. Let's check out their music video!

3. Weeekly- "My Earth"

Weeekly - My Earth (YouTube)
Weeekly - "My Earth" (YouTube)

Weeekly captures the hearts of many K-pop fans with their sweet voices and bright songs, but they are more than that. "My Earth" is a track that will water our hope for a better future. It advises us not to give up and inspires us to start doing anything we can to protect our planet. Check out their choreography video!

As time passes, K-pop companies and groups continue to innovate and progress. After all, we can't deny that raising significant matters about particular issues and discourses with the help of art would definitely reach a lot of people. It might also be the pathway to a more comprehensive understanding of things. It is really refreshing to see K-pop groups singing about this type of message. In the near future, let's hope that more K-pop groups will start raising awareness too of the importance of tackling the issue of climate change.

Let us know what are your thoughts about these types of songs. Do you think they'll be a big hit in the future?


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