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Former NU'EST Member, Ren, Makes His K-Drama Debut! And It's Short Of Nothing But Amazing!

NU'EST fans can get their popcorn ready as their former member, Ren, makes his K-drama debut in the much-anticipated crime drama Longing for You! The singer showed off his amazing acting skills as the younger brother of the main lead detective Oh Jin Sung. We break down his acting and our thoughts!

NU'EST's Ren as Oh Jin Woo in "Longing for You" (ENA)
NU'EST's Ren as Oh Jin Woo in "Longing for You" (ENA)

Acting in a crime mystery thriller drama is never easy. Especially, a traumatized victim who is suspected of murdering multiple women. Ren's character, Oh Jin Woo, seems to be naive and harmless when he is first introduced into the drama, as all younger brothers seem to be. As the series progresses, we see a darker, more villainous side of him as his background begins to unravel.


Being a victim of abandonment as a child by his mother, Oh Jin Woo's personality slowly is unveiled as we see the hurt and possibly be framed as the perpetrator for being a serial murderer. At the same time, when he finally reconciles with his mother, his light-hearted and dreamy smile makes his character seem really kind!

Still from "Longing for You"
Still from "Longing for You"

Although just his first role in a Korean drama, Ren is nothing short but outstanding! His delivery and emotional fortitude really create a character that we can all empathize! Let us know if you feel the same! Comment below!

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