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Fourth Generation Idol is Making Everyone "Crazy" for Her Ridiculous Looks!

Fourth-generation girl group, Craxy, from SAI Entertainment released their single "Nugudom" on March 23 and has Twitter buzzing at the song's power beat and visuals! Not to mention their gorgeous maknae, Chaey, has been the hot topic for her looks! Let's dive into this hot topic!

"Nugudom" is a powerful pulsing beat overlapped with light airy classical violin sounds. With powerful dance moves and swag, this song will definitely get you up on your feet! Surprisingly, it is the lyrics that have gotten the internet into commotion. The song's meaning criticizes those who ignore or mock smaller artists because they are unknown. Quite suitable since their label, SAI Entertainment, currently has only two artists, including Craxy.

The beautiful maknae!

Fans couldn't help but notice that the group's most talked about member, Chaey, has been the hottest topic since the M/V release! Her stunning visuals looked as if she has been programmed and computerized! Her skin was flawless and her movements were so precise and choreographed that it was hard to determine if she was human or machine!

Here's what fans had to say!

So what did you think about Craxy's "Nugudom"? Did it make you want to support them even more? Let us know!


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