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GOT7 Is Back With New MV 'NANANA'

K-pop boy band Got7 is back with their new self-titled EP! Their new single MV 'NANANA' dropped on May 23 at 7 pm instead of its original release time at 6 pm and has garnered over 4 million views in 13 hours! The seven-member group is newly signed to Warner Music Korea since their contract with JYP Entertainment ended in February 2021.

Got7 (Warner Music Korea)

The members went their separate ways for a year and three months but were determined to come back together for a second time.

“We feel very lucky that we’re able to make a comeback as a complete group of seven,” said Jay B. “We’d like to thank each member’s agency for cooperating and making this possible. We always said all seven of us would be back, but it’s like a dream that it has actually become a reality.”

Member BamBam stated, "We wanted to keep our promise to fans. Unlike a lot of people’s misunderstandings, GOT7 did not disband, and we wanted to prove it. So we took a break in our individual activities and will focus on the team for now."

The group's determination to get back together is a testament to how close the members are to each other and their goals even after the contract with their agency end. Each member in the group belongs to different management but all agencies have agreed to make the comeback work.

The members expressed excitement in working on their own music. The band's new single 'NANANA' music and lyrics were written by Jay B.

“Overall, this album shows a much richer variety of sounds,” Jay B said. “We used to prefer a very powerful style of music, but now, we’re able to enjoy chill, fun songs [like ‘Nanana’] just as much.”

In terms of maintaining the band's brand and identity, it has become quite a lengthy process. The group was determined to obtain the copyright for the group's name from JYP Entertainment.

“Trademark rights are such a tricky matter,” he said. “But [JYP’s] CEO Jung Wook gladly agreed to hand over the GOT7 trademark to us. Then I contacted a lawyer, who told me that it’s extremely rare case for a trademark to be handed over this amicably. I’d like to thank CEO Jung and producer Park Jin-young again. I collected all the necessary documents and signatures from members, and I realized it’s not easy at all. It made me humble and grateful toward the agency and employees who usually do these things for us.”

The new album consists of a total of six songs, including 'NANANA', all of which were self-produced.

The group also has rebranded a new logo and tagline, 'GOT7 is our name', in most of their social media posts.

What do you think of their comeback? Are you excited to hear the rest of the album? Check it out here!


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