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Han River Festival Rockets To A Start! First Since Pandemic!

The Han River is an iconic part of Seoul. Whether it is movies, dramas, music videos, or even Youtube videos, you can always see this river making an appearance. The river runs the city, dividing it up into its various districts. It essential for any visitor to come visit one of its parks that lies around its bends. It is a popular hang out spot for people young and old to camp, eat chicken and drink beer (Chimek), and exercise. But recently there has been new additions to the fun at the river!

From July 29 to August 15th, there is the Han River Festival! This is a celebration of the river with many activities to do for the two week period. One of the biggest attractions is the Han River Summer Music Picnic on the 29 and 30th. Its a two day concert series with classical and ballad performances at Yeouido Han River park. There is also various performances in August at the Floating Islands, a series of stationary islands in the river.

There are various events like a fun fair for children and various vendors selling arts and crafts. There's even a couple movie nights! They will be showing various Korean movies at different parks in the city. There is so much to do and so much to see at this festival! After Covid restrictions in the city came to an end, there has been a resurgence of festivals in the city. Despite the heat, several events have already sold out as people rush to enjoy their time out.

Does this festival sound fun? Is there a local festival near you that is similar to this one? Let us know down below!


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