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ITZY's Lia Takes a Health-Driven Break from Music Core and Fan Signing Activities

ITZY's Lia will temporarily take a break from her hectic schedule because of chronic health difficulties, JYP Entertainment said in an official statement made on September 2. The entertainment agency emphasized their commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of their artists and fans, and as a result, she will be missing the upcoming MBC's Music Core performance as well as a fan sign event intended to celebrate the release of ITZY's 7th mini album, "KILL MY DOUBT." Although specifics concerning Lia's health condition were not made public, JYP Entertainment stated their hopes for her speedy recovery and reassured fans that they anticipate her return to the stage once she is well and prepared.

ITZY continues to create waves in the K-pop world despite Lia's brief break. In a recent announcement, JYP Entertainment invited fans to join the third official fan club, "MIDZY 3," beginning on September 4. ITZY also announced intentions to increase its operations. The release of their first regular album, "RINGO," along with the title tune, is set for October 18th in Japan. According to ITZY's distinctive style and charm, this album is anticipated to have a meaningful message that will motivate listeners to develop their own stories that are anchored on truth rather than fantasy.

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