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Kim Go Eun & Uhm Ji Won Battle It Out In "Little Women" Finale!

tvN and Netflix's highly touted family drama Little Women ended its 12-episode run with the highest ratings ever with 11.105% (1st Nielsen Korea) of nationwide audiences tuning in to its final episode on October 9! The amazing ending brought the satisfaction and justice that we were waiting for! Here's what happened!

Choo Ja Hyun as Jin Hwa Young returns in the final episode of "Little Women" (tvN)
Choo Ja Hyun as Jin Hwa Young returns in the final episode of "Little Women" (tvN)

During Oh In Ju's (Kim Go Eun) trial for the embezzlement of 70 billion Korean won ($53.3 million), Jin Hwa Young appears in court surprising everyone, including Won Sang Ah (Uhm Ji Won). Hwa Young pleads to the judge In Ju's innocence by describing how Sang Ah was indeed behind everything by exposing the ledgers on the app she created earlier. Hwa Young claims that Sang Ah used her to accumulate great wealth in a span of over 10 years.

Shocked, In Ju couldn't believe her friend has been alive all this time and anger rises up in her eyes. Hwa Young tells the court to pardon In Ju for everything since she was just a pawn in her plan. The judge gives In Ju two years of probation and releases her from jail.

A while later, at their late great-aunt's house, Hwa Young explains why she sent 2 billion won ($1,402,033 USD) to In Ju and stated, "I wanted In Ju to be happy". She went on to say to In Ju to "buy the apartment you wanted so much." She goes on to explain that while In Ju was in Singapore, she followed her and tried to protect her by driving her car in between the truck and In Ju's car.

Later on, in a press conference, Hwa Young reveals the two years of planning and execution of the suicide including working with another woman who appeared to look similar to Hwa Young. Hwa Young exposes Sang Ah, through her home CCTV, as the real murderer when she goes to Hwa Young's house to kill her, but instead kills the look-alike woman instead.

Hwa Young further goes on to provide solid evidence on the app she created for the slush fund ledgers to the public.

Driven by madness and stress from the trial and accusations, Won Sang Ah goes to the hospital where her father is lying in critical condition and kills him using a dose of the "blue orchid" serum. She kidnaps Hwa Young and calls In Ju to come and save her. In Ju rushes to Sang Ah's home at the orchid tree to find Hwa Young tied up and Sang Ah sitting beside her with a maniacal look on her face. Sang Ah describes the situation that there is no way they will leave since the whole room is set up with hydrochloric acid sprinklers that will go off at any time.

Sang Ah explains her transformation into her becoming a monster because of her mother refusing to leave her father. Sang Ah's mother hangs herself in the "closed room" closet therefore forever cementing the image in Sang Ah's mind of her further murders. Sang Ah, in a fit of rage during the conversation, presses the sprinklers to activate the acid, and Hwa Young starts to feel the pain. In Ju rushes to save her by throwing the grenade that she brought and blows up a metal grate to use as a shield to block the acid from the ceiling. Sang Ah tries to stop them from escaping but after a scuffle, In Ju throws Sang Ah in the hydrochloric acid pool killing her.

In the aftermath of the event, we find out what happened to the money as it was secretly divided into Sang Ah's daughter, Park Hyo Rin's, bank account advised by Choi Do Il (Wi Ha Joon). Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hu) is left in charge of the distribution of the money and gives the majority to In Ju since she has sacrificed the most in order to provide for her younger sisters. In Ju finally has the apartment of her dreams, In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun) can finally travel the world with her new boyfriend, Ha Jong Ho (Kang Hoon), and In Hye can have a great life as a teenager!

Our Thoughts

An amazing ending to an amazing drama! The sacrifices we make for our loved ones are deeply portrayed within this drama. How much money does it take for someone to realize that too much can ruin their lives? Little Women is less about the money, and more about sisterhood, friendship, and loyalty to those around you. There is no amount of money in the world that can/should destroy these traits!

Let us know your thoughts on this drama! Did our points resonate with you? Share your experiences and opinions below!


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