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This is Why You Should Be Watching "Little Women"!

Netflix and tvN's highly anticipated drama Little Women took first place in national viewership ratings this opening weekend, according to Nielsen Korea. The 12-episode mystery family drama debuted on September 3 during the 21:10 time slot. We break down why this drama has us hooked right from the beginning!

Kim Go Eun stars as Oh In Ju in "Little Women" (tvN)
Kim Go Eun stars as Oh In Ju in "Little Women" (tvN)

Spoiler Alert!


Starting off as a wholesome family of four women, three daughters, and a mother, living as a working-class family, episode one portrays the characters in this drama as independent women trying to improve their busy lives by dedicating their time to their jobs and roles as a model high school student.

(From left) Park Ji Hu, Kim Go Eun, & Nam Ji Hyun star in "Three Women" (tvN)
(From left) Park Ji Hu, Kim Go Eun, & Nam Ji Hyun star in "Three Women" (tvN)

The series stars Kim Go Eun (Yumi's Cells 2021 - 2022) as Oh In Joo the oldest of three sisters brought up in a poor environment. The second oldest sister, Oh In Kyung Nam Ji Hyun (The Witch's Diner 2021) the middle sister, is an enthusiastic reporter at a local news station. The youngest sister, Oh In Hye Park Ji Hu (All of Us Are Dead 2021), is a student at a prestigious arts high school and has a knack for painting.

We are immediately taken into the daily lives of each character as the series starts off during In Hye's birthday. In Joo and In Kyung both saved up money to send In Hye on her high school field trip to Europe. Their mother does not agree with them and runs off with their hard-earned money in the middle of the night.

Frustrating sets in on the girls as they both find ways to get money from their friends from work to cover the trip fees despite the pleading from In Hye to drop the matter. Interestingly enough, we find out that both In Joo and In Kyung are outcasts at their respective workplaces, making it very uncomfortable for them to ask their co-workers for an advance in payment for the month. This immediately sets off a chain of events as both sisters do their best at their jobs to find a solution. Lucky for In Joo, she is labeled the "Outcast of floor 13" and her best friend at work, Jin Hwa Young (Choo Ja Hyun Green Mother's Club 2022), is labeled the "Outcast of floor 14". They both share a special bond as Hwa Young takes In Joo under her wing as an older sister.

Park Ji Hu stars as Oh In Hye in "Little Women" (tvN)
Park Ji Hu stars as Oh In Hye in "Little Women" (tvN)

Meanwhile, In Kyung works as a determined reporter at a local news station and looks into an old story involving a politician and the deaths of four people. She feels that the story does not add up and decides to look into it further by attending the politician's press conference. There she is caught that she has a drinking problem in front of him as well as in her office where she is sentenced to one-month probation.

One day, Hwa Young tells In Joo that she is going on a work trip to Europe and does not arrive back in Korea at the appointed date. The company's lawyer, Choi Do Il (Wi Ha Joon Squid Game 2021), contacts In Joo and asks if she's heard from Hwa Young. In Joo denies any contact and goes to Hwa Young's house to see if she has returned from her trip. As she looks around Hwa Young's house, In Joo finds Hwa Young hanging inside her closet with a suicide note. Shocked to find out what happened, the whole company is in a panic the next day as police swarmed the crime scene. In Joo is called into her boss's (Director Shin) office and finds out that Hwa Young is responsible for the missing 70 billion Korean won ($53.3 million) from the company's illegal slush fund. Director Shin asks her to find the money but In Joo decides to quit the same day.

While walking out of her office, In Joo receives a call from Hwa Young's yoga studio where Hwa Young has transferred her membership to In Joo. In Joo decides to go to the studio and finds Hwa Young's locker full of the 70 billion won.

We are left in disbelief as this drama pulled us into its storyline right from the start! The character interaction between the three sisters seems so natural. Make sure to check out our article on why this was!

You can watch Little Women on Netflix and tvN on Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 KST.

Let us know if you have seen this episode yet! We would love to hear from you!


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