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Kim Taeri and Hong Kyung Set to Voice Characters in Upcoming Animated Film "Lost in Starlight"

Produced by Climax Studio, the team behind hit series like Hellbound and D.P., this ground-breaking project marks Netflix's first foray into Korean animation. Renowned actors Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung are set to lend their voices to the lead characters of the eagerly awaited animated film, Lost in Starlight. The moving story of Nan Young, an astronaut, and Jay, a musician, as they deal with their intense long-distance love, is portrayed in the movie. 

Kim Tae Ri, known for her varied acting career that spans everything from drama to sci-fi, will make her voice acting debut by playing Nan Young. In the year 2050, Nan Young, a daring astronaut chosen for the ground-breaking fourth Mars exploration expedition, sets out on a cosmic quest to find her scientist mother, who sadly perished in a tragic accident on Earth.

Kim Tae Ri in Revenant (2023)
Kim Tae Ri in "Revenant" (2023)

Hong Kyung, who received praise for his performances in the drama Weak Hero Class 1 and the movie Innocence, will play Jay, a singer whose heart becomes entwined with Nan Young's. The emotional center of this astonishing story is formed by their chance meeting and subsequent reunion, which are staged via the emotive medium of a turntable that belonged to Nan Young's mother.

Hong Kyung in "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)
Hong Kyung in "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)

Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung are ready to light up the screen with a sweet romance that transcends space and time after showcasing their chemistry in the drama Revenant, where they portrayed protagonists battling mystical forces and complex riddles. The publication of Lost in Starlight, a cosmic narrative that promises to touch hearts while examining the fundamental links that bind us across the cosmos, is highly anticipated by audiences everywhere. Keep checking back for more information on this amazing film project!


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