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Korean household of five, desperately reaching out for help in the war-torn region in Palestine

Tragedy strikes a Korean YouTuber's high school bombing in Palestine and Korean organizations await border opening for her family's safe return to Korea!

The Palestinian-Korean girl Suhair High School
The Palestinian-Korean girl Suhair High School

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Suhair, a beloved YouTuber of Palestinian-Korean descent, and her family find themselves in grave danger as they remain stranded in Palestine following the bombings that targeted their city.

Suhair, the Korean-Palestinian courageous young girl in her first year of secondary school, has been documenting her terrifying experiences on YouTube in 2021. Despite her young age, she fearlessly narrates the events unfolding around her while addressing why her family chooses to live in Palestine rather than Korea.

Suhair when she was in her first year of secondary school

Suhair's story has resonated with Koreans, leading to an outpouring of support and solidarity from the community.

Suhair's unique heritage, with a Palestinian father and a Korean mother, has shaped her identity and connected her deeply to both cultures. After spending a few years in Korea, her family made the bold decision to relocate to Palestine, where Suhair and her brother completed their education. While they would occasionally visit their mother's family in Korea, Palestine became their cherished home.

However, their lives took a drastic turn when the bombings ravaged Gaza, the city where Suhair's family resides, leaving them in constant fear for their safety.

나의 고등학교 주변. . 이렇게 변하다니 매일 걷던 길, 추억이 가득한 모든곳이 이렇게 변해버렸다 💔

— Suhair's Instgram story

Translation :

"Around my high school. I can't believe it's changed like this. Everywhere I walked every day, everywhere full of memories has changed like this."

Suhair's family, like many others, attempted to contact Korean organizations for assistance in returning to their homeland. Yet, their hopes were dashed as they discovered that the borders connecting Egypt and Palestine remained closed, effectively trapping them amidst the chaos.

A picture of Suhair with her brother and baby sister.   IG: @_susu_j
A picture of Suhair with her brother and baby sister. IG: @_susu_j

In a poignant display of bravery and vulnerability, Suhair turned to her loyal followers on YouTube, sharing the terrifying moments that unfolded as bombs shattered the tranquility of their lives. She captured the panic and desperation she felt, hastily fleeing her home and holding her baby sister, all while fearing for their very survival. The footage she shared with her followers became a chilling testament to the harsh realities faced by countless families in a city under siege.

As news of Suhair's family's plight spread, a ray of hope emerged when a Korean news company reached out to them. Recognizing the urgency of their situation, they sought to relay their story to Korea, hoping for a swift response from the organizations that could facilitate their safe return.

Unfortunately, communicating with Suheir became difficult because connecting to the Internet at her location became difficult, but on October 25, after disappearing for more than 5 days, she shared an Instagram story with her followers in which she said that she had access to the internet in the supermarket, but unfortunately, not all products were available there, and most food refrigerators are empty.

Suhair Instagram story IG: @_susu_j
Suhair Instagram story IG: @_susu_j

● Translation of the first story :

We came to the mall to connect to the Internet 🛜
Still alive
Alhamdullelah ( Thanks God )

● Translation to the second story :

Most refrigerators are empty

Tragically, amid the chaos, one Palestinian famous girl named "Rahaf" disappeared, leaving her followers anxious and uncertain about her fate, with rumors of her demise circulating.

Today, Suhair's family continues to live in constant danger, desperately longing for a way to escape the violence and find sanctuary in Korea. Their story serves as a stark reminder of the countless families torn apart by conflict, yearning for a chance at peace and security.

The international community and Korean organizations must unite to address this pressing humanitarian crisis. By extending a helping hand to Suhair's family and others in similar circumstances, we can contribute to the alleviation of suffering and strive towards a future where no individual is left to endure the horrors of war.


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