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Korean Rap Goddess Jessi (제시) Back At It Again With "Zoom"

Korean rap goddess, Jessi, is back on YouTube's top trending music playlists with "Zoom". The 33-year-old singer, rapper, and dancer continues to churn out hit after hit, six months since her last single "Cold Blooded".

Controversy over some of the song's lyrics "크게 당겨 당겨 좀 더 당겨봐 봐 기똥차지" which translates to "stretch it stretch it stretch it out, I know you like what you see" confused many English-speakers that thought it might have been an innuendo. But after asking several Koreans, the meaning just literally means zooming in and out on your phone screen, in other words, using your fingers to stretch the picture to get a better view.

Photo by The Korea Herald

The combination of early 2000s beat with Jessi's raspy voice along with her sudden smooth silky voice transition during the pre-chorus caught many off-guard, including myself. With her iconic confident and 'smexy' attitude, the song is undoubtedly off to her greatest, if not one of her greatest, hits. The choreography is, as always, on point and the wardrobe definitely had subtle hints of early 2000s New York hip hop vibes.

The music video for "Zoom" has accumulated a little over 4.2 million views since its release on April 13, 2022, and continues to climb on all music charts. Let us know if this will be a regular on your playlist!


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