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Learn How to Celebrate Holidays By Using Korean From "Who Are You"!

In this post, we are going to learn Korean through a conversation between two orphan girls in the K-drama Who are you? Today, we're going to learn new words, especially for some celebrating days!

Scene 1:

● 언니

● older sister

● 이고 뭐야 ?

● What is that?

○ 금메달

○ A gold medal

○ 이거 장난감 아니고 진짜다.

○ It's not a toy, It's real.


Scene 2:

● 언니 서울에서 살 때 선물 받은 거야 ?

● Did you get it as a gift when you were in Seoul?

○ 응


○ 근데, 진짜 주인한테 됼려줘야 돼.

○ But I need to return it to its rightful owner.

○ 원래 주인은 따로 있는데.

○ It belongs to someone else.

○ 그냥 , 내가 대신 받아뒀던 거거든.

○ But I've been holding it for her.

● 근데 , 나 딱 한 번만 만져보면 안 돼 ?

● May I touch it just once ?

○ 그래.

○ Sure.

● 와 , 멋지다!

● Wow, it's so cool!

Scene 3:

● 언니 학교도 가고 싶고 , 친고들도 보고 싶지 ?

● (To her older sister) You want to go to school, and see your friends..right?

● 엄마도 생기고 , 친구들도 많아 졌다면서.

You have a mom and lots of friends now.

● 이제 우리 때문에 계속 여기 안 있어도 돼.

● You don't have to stay here because of us anymore.

● 그 대신 우리 생일 어린이날 , 크리스마스 때는 꼭 오기다 ?

● Instead of that, could you come to our birthday day, Children's Day and Christmas time?

크리스마스 ( Christmas (Day) )

Example :

크리스마스가 다가오고 있다

Christmas is coming.

생일 ( birthday )

Example :

생일이 언제예요?

What's your date of birth? (When is your birthday?)

We talked about birthdays in the previous article, don't forget to read it if you didn't!

어린이날 (Children's Day )

Example :

어린이날을 축하해. 난 이제 어린이가 아니라니 슬퍼.

Happy Children’s Day. It's sad that I’m not a kid anymore.

Scene 4 :

● 약속

● Promise

● 약속하는 거지?

● You're making a promise?

○ 그래.

○ Sure.

○ 약속할게.

○ I promise.

Do you remember the last lesson when we learned what is the word promise in Korean?

If you haven't read the previous lesson, I advise you to refer to it.

And that's it! What was the most useful word for you in this lesson?

All photos in this post are from Pinterest.

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Saves this for future reference xD


고마워요 im learning and this helps me so much ^^


I would like to learn about how to say when I go to a restaurant to order and paid a food and how to buy something in the street. Or going to a cinema or buying clothes.

감사합니다 ^^

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