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Learn Korean From "The K2"!

Ji Chang Wook is one of the best Korean actors to date and his stellar acting in The K2 proves it! Romance is secondary in this drama but very addictive too!

It may be the absolute worst romantic scene ever in a K-Drama or any drama. While the main romance is, at times, painful, the show is still fascinating, thanks to the two main leads (and I'm not talking about the annoying Snow White character An Na). Rather, K2 is all about Yoo Jin and Je Ha.

It has a compelling storyline and leaves you hanging multiple times. I wasn't as impressed with the romance portion, but it wasn't necessary to enjoy this series!

Today we're going to learn some new words and phrases from episodes 13 and 14!

Scene 1 :

Scene 2 :

Scene 3 :

After watching those three scenes, what did you learn? And do you know any of those sentences?

And if you guys want to learn more Korean in another part of this drama please tell us in the comments!


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