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Learn Korean from the New K-drama "Vengeance of the Bride"!

Updated: Sep 14

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Today, we're going to show you some interesting scenes from the new K-drama Vengeance of the Bride! Let's learn some Korean!

Vengeance of the Bride is a new ongoing K-Drama on KBS that tells the story of Eun Seo Yeon (Park Ha Na) who is a warm and friendly woman. She runs a small business that produces cosmetics and sells them on the internet. She also works as a staff member at a make-up salon. In the past, she and her parents were in a very close relationship with Kang Baek San (Son Chang Min), who runs a large cosmetics company. One day, Eun Seo Yeon learns that Kang Baek San is responsible for her parents’ tragedy. She becomes determined to take revenge on him for his past deeds.

Today we're going to learn Korean from EPISODE 59 !

● Scene 1 :

엄마 .. 어떻게 된 거야 ?

What happened to mom?

눈앞에서 사라져 버렸어

She disappeared from my eyes.

납치가 확실해

I'm sure it's a kidnapping.





● Scene 2:

왜그래 서연?

What's wrong, Seo Yeon?


You're acting strange.

● Scene 3 :

왜 울어요?

Why are you crying?

무슨 일 있어요?

Did something happen?

And that's it! Many of us are working to learn the Korean language to easily understand the Korean series without the need for translation!

After listening to the three videos, did you encounter any words in other Korean dramas that are similar to these words? Tell us in the comments!

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