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McDonald's NewJeans "Chicken Dance" Campaign Is Landing on Southeast Asian Market!

NewJeans' McDonald's campaign is successfully landing the Southeast Asian countries! The K-pop group's "Chicken Dance" campaign is indeed instrumental in boosting McDonald's marketing, particularly in the Philippines!

Last March the K-pop group was unveiled as the new brand model of McDonald's Korea. The campaign is also set to land in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The campaign addresses the message, “A whole new crispiness that makes us dance, a whole new Chicken World”. This dance campaign also highlights the delicious moments the fast-food company shares with its customers. In the Philippines, the McDonald’s Chicken Song” dance challenge will be a part of the campaign and various prizes await through weekly draws.

This campaign is set to land in Indonesia on July 12, and in Brunei and Malaysia on September 1 and 7 respectively. The launch in Taiwan and Hong Kong would be around late-October.

The vice president and chief marketing officer at McDonald’s Philippines, Oliver Rabanas expressed his delight at the launch of NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign in 10 Asian markets. He hopes that through this campaign more people can be engaged in the experience and customers would enjoy the special aspects of the campaign such as the dance challenge and special packaging.

Let us know if you know the "Chicken Dance"! What do you think about McDonald's new marketing strategy? Comment below!


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