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Miss Korea 2022 is an ARMY!!

Hanna Kim was appointed Miss Universe 2022 and she was preparing to represent her country at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in January, and it's easy to say why they choose to make her Miss Korea:

She is brought up in the United States. Hanna also has a fluent command of English which will only help her in speaking up about her ideas and advocacy. She is experienced, talented, and driven toward representing the country and will prove to be a strong delegate on the international platform.

Instagram: @hanna.ming

But there was a lot of talk on social media when she declared here her love for Jungkook!!

After Hanna Kim, Miss Universe Korea 2022, followed Jungkook on Instagram, she mentioned that she put his image as a background for her phone! There were a lot of comments that said that she is also the first Miss Korea who is an ARMY and who loves BTS.

She's so gorgeous like BTS, and she is the first Miss Korea who reveals BTS's name in public and becomes an ARMY!

What do you think? Is she a New ARMY or maybe she's just a friend of BTS members?

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Feng Suxuan
Feng Suxuan
23 ene 2023

so beautiful !

Me gusta
Manar Aly
Manar Aly
24 ene 2023
Contestando a

Thanks 😊

Me gusta
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