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Jungkook Performs "Dreamers" In 2022 World Cup Opening Ceremony in Qatar

After four long years since the Russian World Cup in 2018, this year's World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar kicked off with a bang as Jungkook headlined the opening act with Fahad Al Kubaisi, a Qatari singer.

Jungkook poster from FIFA Sound (FIFA)
Jungkook poster from FIFA Sound (FIFA)

Check out the whole performance!

The stage was covered with amazing dancers and lighting as Jungkook charmed viewers around the world with his amazing soft vocals!

It was great seeing Jungkook having the time of his life in front of a different audience who might not know too much about K-pop. This year's World Cup opening ceremony shattered all viewership records as at least 5 billion viewers were glued to their television sets! (Reuters)

Did you watch the opening ceremony? What are your thoughts about K-pop crossing over into other realms of entertainment such as sports?

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