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NMIXX Drops "Love Me Like This" M/V & 3 Reasons Why We're Stanning!

JYP's fresh sensation girl group NMIXX dropped their m/v "Love Me Like This" on March 20! The sextet enjoyed over 11 million views in under 15 hours! The more true-to-K-pop song has fans raving and stanning! Let's see what all the fuss is about!

We give you three reasons why you should love NMIXX's "Love Me Like This"!


The vocals are amazing and suit the girls' voices very well! We feel like with this type of beat, the girls can really express themselves and use their vocal ranges to their fullest! The harmonizing and breakdowns in the song really come off strong and confident, just the way we like it!

The beat is finally consistent! JYP's experiment with NMIXX has been met with ups and downs as each song consisted of different genres of music, making it confusing to sing along and follow. "Love Me Like This" finally has a consistent and catching beat throughout the whole song!

Enough with the experimentation, JYP, do what you do best, and come out with hit K-pop songs!

Dance visuals

This music video had one of the cleanest and crisp dance visuals out there! Simple backdrops that focused on the girls' precise dance moves and look really make this video unique! With colorful sets and fancy camerawork, iconic to all JYP videos, this music video really has everything tied in together nicely and neatly.

Stunning Outfits

In addition to the colorful and clean visuals, we can't forget to mention the girls' stunning outfit combinations! From casual to dressed up and everything in between, NMIXX looked great and sexy at the same time! We loved the streetwear but feminine touch style the girls wore while dancing with a white backdrop. It made us focus on their dance moves and outfits! Which outfit combination was your favorite?

How did you like "Love Me Like This"? Was this more your style? Let us know your thoughts below!

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I'm in love with this comeback, love me like this is a bop

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