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Park Ji Hoon Delivers an Emotionally Adrenaline Charged Performance in "Weak Hero Class 1"

Ex-Produce 101 and Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon does it again with superb acting in his new fall drama Weak Hero Class 1! The eight-episode webtoon-based series surprised many with themes of school bullying and child abandonment violently displayed on the screen as the drama is rated 19+. Park Ji Hoon commands the camera with his superb acting skills as a depressed high school student that just wants to finish high school and move on with his life. We give you three reasons why Park Ji Hoon's acting is worth watching!

Park Ji Hoon stars as Yeon Shi Eun in "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)
Park Ji Hoon stars as Yeon Shi Eun in "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)

1. Dark and menacing demeanor

What sets this role from other past roles that he's done is the dark and menacing demeanor Yeon Shi Eun (his character) displays throughout the series. His "don't mess with me" look he gives to fellow his classmate and class bully, Jeon Young Bin (Kim Su Gyeom Juvenile Justice 2021), is authentic!

Still from "Weak Hero Class 1" (Waave)
Still from "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)

The anger we feel while watching this drama is unreal! We can really relate to what Ji Hoon's character is feeling! Every scene is a buildup of angst and anxiety until there is a fight. The fighting scenes had us cheering for the "good guys" as they take on the local thugs hired by Young Bin.

2. When can I graduate?

We've all been there! Some of us had a great time in high school, others not so much. Ji Hoon's character, Shi Eun, is the epitome of the latter. Constantly getting bullied with no friends and only focusing on studying, he can't wait to get out of high school! Park Ji Hoon's deliverance of his disgust for his fellow classmates and the situation at school can only be elevated by the fact that his father is constantly away for work and has no idea his son is emotionally distressed.

3. Amazing supporting cast

Although Park Ji Hoon's acting is superb, we can't discount the fact that the support roles in this drama are equally impressive. Many of the scenes that Ji Hoon's character actually show emotion when he is provoked by those around him. One of the scenes is when Shi Eun is getting bullied by a local gangster, Jeon Seok Dae (Shin Seung Ho Alchemy of Souls 2022), but Seok Dae shows compassion stating, "This is just business." while controlling his emotions during the fight, makes us, the audience, really feel bad for his situation. He is being paid to beat up another kid unfairly, so his conscious is eating away at him since he takes pride in being a fighter.

Shin Seung Ho as Jeon Seok Dae in "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)
Shin Seung Ho as Jeon Seok Dae in "Weak Hero Class 1" (Wavve)

So what do you think about Park Ji Hoon's acting? Are you impressed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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