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Psy's Summer Concerts Under Criticism For Using Too Much Water

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Netizens are rushing to their keyboards and typing in their concerns for Psy's most anticipated series of water summer concerts. As the temperature in South Korea starts to rise and COVID protocols are relaxing, more and more K-pop idols are holding outdoor summer concerts for their fans. Psy's upcoming concert series requires 300 tons (67,200 gallons) of drinking water per show. The singer announced on June 3, that the Summer Swag concert series is known for splashing water on fans during the show.

The first concert will be in on July 9 at Incheon Asiad Main Stadium. Tickets will begin selling on Thursday June 16.

Although fans are ecstatic about attending concerts after almost three years of hiatus due to the COVID pandemic, netizens are drawing concerns about the waste of drinking water amid South Korea's ongoing drought situation. This video showing the singer performing at Korea University several weeks ago has drawn local criticism from social media and local news.

Global conservation is now a hot topic in South Korea. The government as well as many startups have been focusing on recyclables and renewable ways to create a more sustainable future. From fashion, and usable materials, to lifestyle and living, Korean companies and brands have started to create apps that support a more sustainable lifestyle. You can read more about some up-and-coming Korean brands that are supporting this movement here.

Should Psy take out the water show that he is so well-known for? Should there be another method or way to entertain fans? Let us know your thoughts about this serious environmental issue!

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