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PURPLE KISS is coming to North America! Here's how you can be part of their tour!

Plory (the official fandom name for Purple Kiss) get ready! Purple Kiss is coming to the United States and Canada this summer! We give you all the details so that you can be ready to have the time of your life!

Purple Kiss (RBW)
Purple Kiss (RBW)

American concert promoter Leo Presents has officially announced that they will be bringing over Purple Kiss to perform in cities not normally touched by major K-pop tours! They need your help to find out which cities you would like Purple Kiss to perform in! This is your opportunity to see Purple Kiss perform on your terms!

Leo Presents official Instagram
Leo Presents Official Instagram

Purple Kiss debuted on March 15, 2021, with their title track "Ponzona" which has garnered over 23 million views over the past three years!

The group has recently promoted their latest single "BBB" from their 2024 album "BXX".

While we wait in anticipation for Purple Kiss' tour schedule, let's take a look back from their previous North American tour "The FESTA" in Boston!

All photos from Purple Kiss' "The FESTA" tour (Dojeon team member Maria)

Make sure to comment below which city you would like Purple Kiss to perform!


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