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"Reborn Rich" Delivers A Captivating & Compelling Premiere!

The much anticipated Song Joong Ki drama Reborn Rich premiered on November 18 and lived up to its hype as it delivered a thrilling and strong on-screen performance by the veteran actor! The first episode catapulted to first in nationwide viewership at 6.058% (Nielsen Korea). Read on to find out why!

Song Joong Ki stars as Jin Do-joon / Yoon Hyun-woo in "Reborn Rich" (JTBC)
Song Joong Ki stars as Jin Do Joon / Yoon Hyun Woo in "Reborn Rich" (JTBC)

Filled with devious characters at every turn, Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) works as a Senior Manager for the Future Asset Management Department at the Soonyang Group, a conglomerate. Following orders and pleasing the upper management is what he does best. When he comes across a document given to him by a lower-level employee, he finds out that a secret slush fund has been kept overseas through a paper company.

Stills from "Reborn Rich" (JTBC)
Stills from "Reborn Rich" (JTBC)

He brings up the matter with his boss and in turn, takes over his immediate supervisor's position as the new Senior Finance Manager of the Planning and Coordination Department. Hyun Woo is sent to retrieve the company's assets overseas but runs into trouble with the locals who in turn kill him. Before he dies, we find out interestingly who was behind the order to kill Hyun Woo.

Hyun Woo is then reborn as Jin Do Joon, the family's youngest son.

Song Joong Ki is must-watch tv!

There is a very good reason why Song Joong Ki was cast for this amazing role! He takes command of every scene he is in and shows his veteran experience as we kept our eyes glued to the screen! The end of the first episode showed a glimpse of the action and drama that will take place in future episodes! We can't wait!

Check out the trailer for episode 1!

Have you seen it yet? Let us know your thoughts below!


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