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Son Heung Min Returns To Korea With The Golden Boot

Incheon -- Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung Min returned to Korea on May 24 victorious seen holding the much-coveted Golden Boot trophy for the most goals in the English Premier League.

Son Heung Min arrives at Incheon International Airport with Golden Boot (AllKpop)

Son did not stop for an interview but showed off his newest achievement. The Golden Boot award goes to the player who scores the most goals in a season. This year, Son shared the award with Mo Salah (Liverpool F.C.) as they both scored 23 goals apiece. He is the first Asian player to lead the Premier League in scoring.

The 29-year-old Son will be taking some time off from a long season and will prepare to train with the Korean national team starting on May 30th.

This is refreshing to see Korean athletes competing at the highest level and winning awards in their respective sport. Did Son Heung Min open the door to younger Koreans who want to follow his footsteps? Will Koreans take athletes more seriously? Or will they continue to criticize them if they don't live up to expectations? Let us know your thoughts!


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