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Song Joong Ki's gripping new Netflix film trailer "My Name is Loh Kiwon" has us in awe!

Remember when we told you that K-drama superstar Song Joong Ki was back filming a new movie last year? Well, the time is here! Netflix just released their new film trailer My Name is Loh Kiwon featuring the "hottest K-drama actor alive" and we can't wait to share it with you!

Slated to premiere on Netflix on March 1, 2024, My Name is Loh Kiwon digs up deep emotions for many immigrants settling down in a foreign land. Even more painful, is the fact that Song Joong Ki's character, Loh Ki Won, is a North Korean defector trapped in Belgium with no way to prove his identity and his only hope of staying is to receive refugee status from the government.

Let's take a look at this gripping trailer that has us glued to the screen!

Song Joong Ki is a master in his craft as the trailer made our jaws drop! His intensity and attention to detail in his new role is a masterclass in acting! You can sense his nervousness and anxiety through the screen most of us foreigners living in South Korea know this very well. You can get deported at any time. There need not be a grand reason for any country to deport a foreigner.

Struggling to make ends meet while trying to receive refugee status, Song Joong Ki shows his versatility in playing the opposite of his usually smooth chic, and confident roles. This time, he definitely isn't wearing a $1,000 suit!

I have decided to survive in this land. (나는 이땅에서 살아남기로 했다.)

No truer words have been said if you are an immigrant or son/daughter of an immigrant family. We're sure you've heard this phrase many times! That's what makes My Name is Loh Kiwon a drama we're really looking forward to!

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