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Stray Kids releases highly-anticipated single "Lose My Breath (Feat. Charlie Puth)" [Watch]

After making a strong appearance at this past week's 2024 Meta Gala YG Entertainment's Stray Kids released their highly-anticipated single "Lose My Breath" featuring pop superstar Charlie Puth on Friday, May 10 at 1 PM KST! We break down the music, visuals, and dancing of this energetic hit!

STAYs (the official fandom of Stray Kids) can look forward to an uplifting weekend after last week's Meta Gala fiasco with paparazzi. "Lose My Breath" is the first official collaboration between Stray Kids and Charlie Puth. Let's break down the song!

Music 10/10

Simplicity is key as the constant rhythmic simple drum beat keeps the song moving and grooving, putting more emphasis on each member's vocal skills and emphasizing each member's vocal skills Even the bridge of the song where Felix, Bang Chan, and Charlie Puth showcase each vocalist's range and harmony rather than complex sounds that most K-pop songs have these days.

Stray Kids' Felix (YG Entertainment)
Stray Kids' Felix (YG Entertainment)

Visuals 9/10

We can't say how much we loved the visuals! "Lose My Breath" constantly captured fans' hearts as each scene was cinematic, enticing, engaging, and a piece of art! The camera angles and frames used to show each member's charms definitely paid off as the end result was nothing short of spectacular!

Choreography 9/10

Dancing in the rain, the street, wherever, Stray Kids always impresses with their sharp in sync dance moves. Smooth and not forced and aesthetically pleasing, "Lose My Breath" was another choreography masterpiece! Coupled with slight special effects was all that was needed to showcase the members' charms and skills and not too over the top!

What did you think about "Lose My Breath"? Did it take your breath away as you watched it? Comment below!


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