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"Why Her" Ends In Rewarding Finale

"Why Her" finishes 2nd in nationwide ratings

*Contains spoilers

4.2/5.0 Stars

The top law firm in South Korea, TK Law Firm, topples in the last episode of Why Her as star lawyer, Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin You Are My Spring 2021) takes down her evil boss, Choi Tae Kuk. The legal melodrama ended its 16-episode run on July 23 with a nationwide viewership rating of 10.7%, good for 2nd place, according to Nielsen Korea.

Oh Soo Jae unveils the truth during a bar hearing

In a bar hearing, accused of questionable methods of obtaining evidence from past cases, Oh Soo Jae is put on trial by her peers to defend herself from her accusers who desperately want to debar her and keep her quiet. In an all-out onslaught of evidence given to her by the right-hand-man of the chairman of TK Law Firm, Choi Tae Kuk, Oh Soo Jae confidently and strategically uncovers the truth regarding the case she lost 10 years ago, landing her current lover, Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop) who was innocent, in jail. The truth is also revealed about Choi Tae Kuk's involvement in the death of a young woman, which we saw in the first episode.

In the aftermath of the questioning, Oh Soo Jae is acquitted of her accusations and is seen back at Seojung University law school as an adjunct professor again. She has started her own law firm and is currently dating Gong Chan.

This was a really well-done drama in a summer full of amazing K-dramas! We highly recommend this drama to anyone who likes legal melodramas that have a strong female lead! Although we do admit the age gap and relationship between the two leads sometimes lead to awkward emotions battling within us, as fans, we just want to appreciate what the director's purpose is.

Let us know your thoughts about this drama! Did you enjoy it?


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