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Why You Should Be Watching This Hilarious Yet Realistic K-Drama!

The unlikely bromance between a 40-year-old breadwinner who owns a chicken shop, Goo Pil Soo (Kwak Do Won Good Doctor 2013), and a 20-something genius, Jeong Seok (Yoon Doo Joon Let's Eat 3 2018) has us reeling in our chairs!

Kwak Do Won (front) & Yoon Doo Joon star in Never Give Up (Netflix)

*Contains spoilers.

4.3/5 Stars (So far!)

Goo Pil Soo, a former martial arts champion, runs a chicken shop in a small neighborhood after being let go by a large company. His beautiful wife, Nam Sung Mi (Han Go Eun Undercover 2021), works as a department store shoe saleswoman. Together, they try to live their best life to support their only son, Gu Joon Pyo (Jung Dong Won Goosebumps 2021) who dreams of going to New Zealand to meet his overseas crush, who he met online.

Jeong Seok is entrenched in his own problems as his former friends and co-founders of his start-up leave him to start their own company and he is wrapped up in his father's debt, which he has to pay back to a mysterious rich grandmother, Cheon Man Geum (Park Won Suk Poseidon 2011).

The cast of Never Give Up pose for pictures at media event (ENA)

These two unlikely duos bump into each other through a mission given to them by Cheon Man Geum as they both move into her mansion on the hills and start an unlikely relationship.

Based on relatable, yet sometimes outrageous daydreaming scenarios, Never Give Up brings to light the recent social and educational problems many young Koreans have to go through now. This drama also shines a light on the difficulty for small business owners to get a loan and the troubles a start-up has to face during this technological booming time. At the same time, this drama gives us hope and warmth that even different generations can understand and come together through comedy and understanding.

We highly recommend this drama for those who want a different slice of life type of drama that is both entertaining and educational about social issues happening in South Korea today! You can watch this drama currently streaming on Netflix! Have you watched this drama yet? If so, what do you think?


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