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"You don't have to come to Korea again Jude!" Last Remarkable Foreign Patient Finally Leaves Korea!

A Korean medical network company posted a story of a little foreign patient in Korea who left Korea in tears!

Himedi leads "medical hallyu" in Middle East (The Investor)
Himedi leads "medical hallyu" in Middle East (The Investor)

According to the Korean medical network company Himedi, a little girl (Jude) came to Korea to receive treatment for her undisclosed illness, before Corona (COVID-19) in 2019, but after the fear of spreading COVID, all foreign patients returned to their home countries, except Jude. She remained in Korea with her guardian to continue receiving treatment, until she was the only foreign patient left in the hospital! Let's take a look at this remarkable story!

Despite the global epidemic, she continued treatment and surgery, and after a long period, she was finally able to return to her home country.

Recently, she visited Korea for her second follow-up appointment, and the professor delivered incredible news!

"Your condition has improved so remarkably that you can now continue your follow-up appointments in your home country!"

- Source @himedi_official

That little girl used to cry so hard when I got close to her, she has grown up now and is a more loving baby and hugs me with ease.

- Source @hikuri_official

We wish her a full recovery always and to live in better health in the future! Please let us know if your country also treats foreign patients the same as in Korea! Do you have any heart warming stories to share? Let us know!


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