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3 Must-Try Korean Snacks To Add To Your Grocery List!

Lotte is a renowned South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation that has been producing many well-loved goods in both local and international markets. So on your next trip to the supermarket, don’t forget to include these items because they deserve some spot in your grocery cart!

Lotte's ABC Choco Cookie.

1. Kkokkalcorn

First introduced in 1983, this snack has become one of the most loved snacks by Koreans. A year after its release it recorded explosive sales of 6.6 billion won that time. The corn-shaped snack comes in different flavors such as spicy sweet, sweet corn, and grilled corn.

Lotte Kkokkalcorn.

2. Chaltteok Pie

The traditional Korean rice cake made of glutinous rice similar to Japanese mochi has become more commercialized and loved by many. The chocolate coating gives it a modern twist and it complements the rice cake.

Lotte Chaltteok pie.

3. Custard pie

Looking for a snack to pair with milk or coffee? Grab Lotte’s custard pie when you go on your next grocery shopping trip. This custard cream-filled sponge cake is soft and has the right amount of sweetness. This snack also comes with strawberry and sweet gold (sweet potato) flavors.

Lotte Custard pie.

Have you tried any of these Lotte snacks before? Let us know which one is your favorite!

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Chuba Choo Choo
Chuba Choo Choo
Dec 10, 2022

Can’t wait to try this korean foods❤️ i will sure that this is amazing korean snack, i will try to find these in korean stores here in philippines❤️

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