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3 Reasons Why "The Golden Spoon" Needs To Be In Your Fall K-Drama Rotation!

How far would you go in order to be rich? Would you sacrifice your family and friends? MBC's new fantasy drama is based on the webtoon with the same name about a poor high school student who suddenly acquires a golden spoon from a mysterious woman. He switches bodies with a wealthy classmate and assumes his life. Sounds like your type of drama? Stick around, we'll tell you why this drama should be in your fall rotation!

The cast of "The Golden Spoon" (from left) Lee Jong Won, Jung Chae Yeon, Yuk Sung Jae, & Yeon Wo (MBC)
The cast of "The Golden Spoon" (from left) Lee Jong Won, Jung Chae Yeon, Yook Sung Jae, & Yeon Wo (MBC)

Lee Seung Cheon (Yook Sung Jae of BTOB) is a 17-year-old high school student who dreams of turning his life around from a dire situation at home. His family is riddled with debt and drowning in constant pressure from debt collectors. His only method of escaping is getting into Seoul National University (the Korean equivalent of Harvard University).

One day, he meets an old woman on the street who asks him if he wants to change his life around. She offers him a golden spoon and says that he must eat three meals at his wealthy friend's home and will automatically switch bodies and life with him.

Hwang Tae Yong (Lee Jong Won Hospital Playlist 2 2021) is a stuck-up rich boy and classmate of Seung Cheon. He is the heir to the family fortune of one of the wealthiest men in South Korea.

Seung Cheon accomplishes his goal of eating three meals at Tae Yong's house and switches bodies with him. The two embark on a life-changing route of discovering who and what really matters to them as they use their polar opposite positions to improve their relationships with those around them.

Here are three reasons why we love this drama!

1. Gorgeous Cast

Automatically assuming that once a K-pop idol, Yook Sung Jae, is the main role, that there is eye candy to be had all around! Accompanying him is his good friend Na Ju Hee (Jung Chae Yeon The King's Affection 2021) who is Seung Cheon's gorgeous classmate and is the daughter of a conglomerate but wants to live her life her way. Equally stunning Lee Jong Won plays a tall and handsome, but cold demeanor rival to Seung Cheon.

2. Incredible Character Development

The background story of each of the main characters is very well done! We get a peek into their lives and their relationships with their wealthy parents. Na Ju Hee is one character that many people will fall in love with! Her hard work and determination to make it on her own despite her wealthy background create an intimate bond with the audience.

Yook Sung Jae's character, Seung Cheon, is complex and calculating not trusting anyone around him, and plots his agenda to take control of his rival family's fortune. We can also relate to his working-class background with a close-knit family.

3. Great Storytelling

Rarely do we come across in-depth character development with great storytelling. The Golden Spoon has both! The drive to succeed and to get out of a dire situation is something many people can relate to therefore Yook Sung Jae does a wonderful job of portraying someone who is down out of luck and desperately in need of a dramatic change. The supporting cast around him also does an amazing job at either standing in the way of his dream of becoming "filthy rich" or helping him achieve his dream.

Ending Thoughts

Although we are not normally fantasy drama types, this drama is definitely a must-watch! This up-and-coming cast of new idols/actors is a sight to behold! Not only do they all look great on screen, but they have the amazing talent to back it up!

You can watch The Golden Spoon on MBC TV or stream on Disney+ every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 KST from September 23 until November 12.

What do you think about this drama? Is it on your playlist? Let us know!


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