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"Big Mouth" Finale Ends In Big Disappointment

Disney+ and MBC's hit series Big Mouth ended its 16-episode run with the highest viewership rating yet! The final episode, aired on September 17, accrued a 13.7% viewership nationwide, good for second in its time slot, according to Nielsen Korea. But high viewership does not necessarily translate to a great drama. We break down the pitfalls of the final episode!

YoonA plays Go Mi Ho in "Big Mouth" (MBC)
YoonA plays Ko Mi Ho in "Big Mouth" (MBC)

* Contains spoilers!

Short Recap

During episode 15, we are taken aback by the news Ko Mi Ho (played by YoonA) receives at the hospital when she has been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. She contracted radiation from the underground accident while trying to save the prisoners, but keeps this news to herself. With this information, she is ready to take down Mayor Choi as she knows for a fact that the underground water pipes from the fish farm are filled with radiated water.

Back to the finale when Park Chan Ho (Lee Jong Suk) is facing Mayor Choi (Kim Joo Hun) during a mayoral televised debate. As the two try to take each other down by exposing past secrets, Mi Ho travels to the fish farm to obtain video admittance from the farm's owner that the water used has been contaminated by NK Chemical, the company where Mayor Choi is the majority owner. Once verified on video by the farm's owner, Mi Ho rushes to the television station to play it during the mayoral debate.

This news ultimately strikes up an investigation of Mayor Choi's involvement in the matter and a court date is set. Meanwhile, Mayor Choi wins the election and assumes his duties once again as the Mayor of Gucheon. During the trial, the lack of evidence against Mayor Choi is found and Mayor Choi is set free.

How does Chan Ho get his revenge?

Although so many things are set in motion, we can't forget that Mi Ho's time is limited as she eventually cannot fight off her cancer anymore and passes away peacefully in Chan Ho's arms. At the end of the episode, we find out that Chan Ho has bought the building where Mayor Choi is always seen swimming with his wife. Chan Ho has refilled the pool water with the contaminated fish farm water. As he approaches Mayor Choi getting out of the pool, we witness Mayor Choi spitting out blood as he dies from radiation poisoning.

What about the ending?

We had high hopes for this drama as it proved to be a winner throughout the series. It finally came down to the final 10 minutes of the finale when we were sorely disappointed at how the drama finished. Rushed black and white flashbacks of trying to wrap up all the loose ends without much explanation really killed the drama for us.

The quickness of the episode from Mi Ho's fast death to a rushed ending without an explanation of what happened to Mayor Choi's wife left us in disbelief! We wish there would be a season two to wrap up everything with more time, but that might be a long shot!

Let us know your thoughts about this drama! Do you think it ended well? Should there be a season 2?


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