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"Adamas" Finale Causes More Confusion Than Closure

tvN's Wednesday and Thursday primetime slot crime/thriller Adamas wrapped up its 16-episode with more questions than answers. The finale, aired on September 15, received much viewership (ranked 2nd during its timeslot at 3.358% nationwide) according to Nielsen Korea. We tackle the tough question of whether or not there will be a second season!

Heo Sung Tae & Ji Sung in Adamas finale (tvN)
Heo Sung Tae & Ji Sung in Adamas finale (tvN)

* Contains Spoilers!

After the death of Chairman Kwon, the successor of Haesong Group is up for grabs and surprisingly, Eun Hye Soo (Seo Ji Hye Kiss Sixth Sense 2022), ends up with the reins in her hands. This shift in power turns the tables as what we thought would balance the good guys from the bad guys did not turn out to be that way. In fact, Hye Soo decides that by taking over Haesong Group would be part of her revenge on her husband and son of Chairman Kwon.

Seo Ji Hye as Eun Hye Soo in "Adamas" (tvN)
Seo Ji Hye as Eun Hye Soo in "Adamas" (tvN)

Another plot twist is the revenge plot between Ares' Team A leader and Song Soo Hyun (Ji Sung The Devil Judge 2021). What ends up happening with how Team A leader disposes of Soo Hyun's body in the ocean is still up for grabs and has fans reeling in their seats wondering if a season 2 is in the works! Check out some of the comments on Twitter!

Many confused fans are wondering if Soo Hyun is alive or not since Ha Woo Shin (his twin brother) receives a mysterious letter saying Soo Hyun is still alive.

"Song Soo Hyun is alive.  Find the Adamas."  (tvN)
"Song Soo Hyun is alive. Find the Adamas." (tvN)

We find that the ending falls flat leaving nothing new to the audience. We are left wondering if justice will be served as the Team A leader decides to face a court sentence instead of running. We are also not sure whether Eun Hye Soo will wield her power as the new CEO of Haesong Group to her advantage as well. The ending scene with Ha Woo Shin holding the real Adamas with a slight smile on his face suggests that there might be a continuation in the story.

Let us know your thoughts on this drama! Did you enjoy it? Will there be a season2?


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