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"Adamas" Continues to Build Suspense Despite Low Ratings

Episodes five and six of tvN's romance, fantasy, and thriller Adamas premiered on August 10 and 11 with surprising low viewership ratings. Nielsen Korea had the drama at number four with 2.669% and 2.851% respectively. Despite what the viewership ratings say, here's what happened during the last two episodes!

Contains Spoilers!

The suspense builds at the mansion as Ha Woo Shin (Ji Sung) and his assistant Lee Dong Rim (Shin Hyun Seung) are trapped inside due to their information about President Kwon's (Lee Kyung Young) attempt to make South Korea a country full of gun-owning citizens. During his attempt to find the Adamas spear, Woo Shin is trapped inside President Kwon's office while the whole mansion is evacuated. After breathing some toxic air pushed out by the ventilators in the office, Woo Shin blacks out and awakens in his room.

Ji Sung as Ha Woo Shin (tvN)

Once recovered, Woo Shin seeks out Choi Tae Sung (Heo Sung Tae) the head of security at the mansion and tells him that he will steal the Adamas spear later that night. Despite protests from Tae Sung, Woo Shin is determined to find the spear no matter what.

Meanwhile, Woo Shin's identical brother Song Soo Hyun (Ji Sung) is at the Special Investigation Headquarters (SIH) with the captured suspect of killing local reporter Kim Seo Hee's (Lee Soo Kyung) parents. Soo Hyun finds the truth about his brother's dealings with President Kwon and is upset with Woo Shin that he has made a terrible mistake. At the same time, Soo Hyun is pressed to interrogate the suspect whom we find out is the brother of the head of the mercenary group Ares.

Back at the mansion, Woo Shin is back to his snooping ways as he navigates the mansion's huge corridors to find out if there is a secret button in President Kwon's office. He finds the button under the president's table and ponders what will happen if he presses it. Woo Shin is afraid to trip off the security system again.

At the SIH safehouse, Soo Hyun takes over the suspect's interrogation and threatens the suspect to give him the names of the people giving orders. He uses a muscle relaxer that eventually kills the suspect, but we soon find out that the suspect has a tracker in his leg that Ares has implanted. The team at the safehouse has no time to evacuate as the mercenary team shows up, forcing the SIH team to abandon their post and blow up their intel.

Soo Hyun and Seo Hee run for their lives as mercenaries cover the SIH grounds searching for survivors of the blast. They are able to get away to safety before any soldiers find out. The head of Team A at Ares finds out that his brother is killed at the safehouse and vows to take revenge on Soo Hyun by getting to Woo Shin.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Woo Shin discovers that the Adamas spear has been removed from its case. The removal of the spear only strengthens Woo Shin's belief that President Kwon is behind the assassination of his stepfather. There is a cut to the scene where President Kwon orders Butler Kwon to remove the spear and place it elsewhere, getting rid of the evidence and ending episode 5.

The start of episode 6 is quite interesting as we find out that the marriage between Eun Hye Soo (Seo Ji Hye) and President Kwon's son, Seo Hyun Woo is merely a business transaction. Hye Soo recalls the day she was married and how unhappy she is.

During a business lunch between Hye Soo's father and President Kwon, a local politician who is running for the South Korean presidency enters. We find out that President Kwon is the one pulling the strings with his funds as the politician is submissive "like his old mutt" as President Kown put it.

We are sent back in time to the scene of the night of the disappearance of Woo Shin and Soo Hyun's stepfather. We find out that their stepfather was very loving and would do anything for his family.

Back at the mansion, Woo Shin is desperately looking for where the Adamas spear is located and finds a secret passageway behind the president's bedroom. After the twists and turns of the passageway, Woo Shin finds out it leads to Butler Kwon's room.

Confused, Woo Shin quickly leaves the room after looking through her photo album with her son. While escaping he is caught back in President Kwon's office by another maid and is seated down for questioning.

The excitement and the intricate plot line have us squirming in our seats for more! Each episode is a buildup for a showdown between Woo Shin and President Kwon as well as Soo Hyun and the head of Team A! Let us know if you are watching this series and if our reviews helped you decided whether or not to watch it!


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