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"Adamas" Lives Up To Hype With Mystery & Intrigue Leaving Us Wanting More

*Contains spoilers.

4.5/5 Stars (So far!)

tvN's new fantasy/romance Adamas premiered July 27 and July 28 in a heart-pounding, nail-biting premiere. And we can't wait until next week for more! The 16-episode series debuted with a 3.502% national viewership rating, good for 2nd, according to Nielsen Korea. Here's what we know so far!

"Adamas" poster (tvN)

Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun (Ji Sung The Devil Judge 2021) are identical brothers. Ha Woo Shin is a renowned novelist and receives a mysterious letter inviting him to be a ghostwriter for the chairman of Haesong Group, a conglomerate, Chairman Kwon (Lee Kyoung Young Why Her 2022). Song Soo Hyun is a prosecutor who gets hassled by a very determined local reporter, Kim Seo Hee (Lee Soo Kyung Law School 2021), who digs up new evidence about their father's death 22 years ago.

Ji Sung plays identical brothers Ha Woo Shin (left) & Song Soo Hyun (right) in "Adamas" (tvN)

Ha Woo Shin is invited to Chairman Kwon's estate where he is an honored guest but is constantly under the watchful eye of the Madam Butler of the house, Butler Kwon, who questions his motives after the first day he moves in. Although he has been invited to be the ghostwriter for Chairman Kwon's memoir, we learn that Woo Shin has an alternate motive, to steal the Adamas Arrow, the symbol of Haesong Group. The Adamas Arrow is said to be the most expensive arrow in the world tipped with a diamond and is suspected to be the murder weapon of Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun's father.

Song Soo Hyun, on the other hand, deals with his own set of problems as he sets out to find the only witness to his father's death by visiting him only to find that the witness has lied about his testimony. Later that night, while watching the news, we find out that the witness has committed suicide due to the orders given by Haesong Group's Chairman's son, Kwon Hyun Zo.

In the midst of all these twists and turns, we also find out that the Haesong Group's chief security officer, Choi Tae Sung (Heo Sung Tae Insider 2022), is undercover for the police and is secretly watching Chairman Kwon. Ha Woo Shin and Choi Tae Sung strike up a deal. Woo Shin won't divulge Choi Tae Sung's secret and Choi Tae Sung will help Woo Shin get what he wants, the Adamas Arrow.

At the end of episode 2, Eun Hye Soo (Seo Ji Hye Kiss Sixth Sense 2022), the wife of Kwon Hyun Zo, tells Woo Jin that she heard her husband blabbering about how his father, Chairman Kwon, killed someone with the Adamas Arrow and sent Woo Jin the letter, while he was drunk.

We're left at the end of episode 2 wanting more of this intense and thrilling drama! The mystery and intrigue of each character unveiled add to the intricate plot and complexity of the story. Let us know your thoughts about this amazing drama!


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