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AESPA Drops Spicy Concept Photos For 3rd Mini Album "My World"

K-pop fashionistas Aespa is back for their 3rd mini album "My World"! The global girl group posted some gorgeous concept photos on their Twitter feed on April 27. Let's break down the three points to look forward to in Aespa's upcoming album!

Aespa is ready for their 3rd mini album "My World" scheduled to drop on May 8, 2023  (Aespa Official)
Aespa is ready for their 3rd mini album "My World" scheduled to drop on May 8, 2023 (Aespa Official)

Scheduled to be released on May 8, 2023, at 6 PM KST, "My World" features three points that fans should look forward to!

1. Unrivaled SMCU storyline

Anyone following Aespa knows that each album has its own storyline concept followed by amazing animation visuals for their music videos. Their last album, "Girls" which featured the singles "Girls" and "Life's Too Short" featured colorful amazing visuals that fit the theme of you guessed it, girls!

2. A wide range of musical genres from pre-released song→ title song

This is exciting news as we get to sample some of the group's pre-released music and their unusual style of beats and composition for each song and melody! We can't wait to hear what Aespa has in store!

3. Aespa’s REAL-WORLD visuals

Fans know and understand that Aespa has a knack for adding computerized graphic visuals to their performances and music videos. It is interesting to see how SM Entertainment will incorporate their "real world" looks into what fans are normally used to having them perform side-by-side with their AI counterparts!

Let's take a look at Aespa's "My World" intro video! Let us know what you're anticipating!

Aside from each member's flawless looks, it seems that SM Entertainment is pushing "My World" to have more of a "natural" concept. We think maybe the group is maturing and transitioning to more live events.

Here are each member's concept visuals! Let us know who is your favorite!





Stay tuned and follow us for more Aespa news and details on their new album! Let us know what are you anticipating the most in the comments!

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