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Aespa's Aiport Style Is Your Next Style Inspo

Aespa. (Korea Herald)

Aside from the looks that celebrities we admire pull off on the red carpets and big events it is their off-duty, street style, and airport looks that we keep an eye for. Copying celebrities' traveling looks is one of the most sought-after style trends by their fans which is more relatable and achievable.

On July 10, Aespa returned to South Korea after they kicked off “Good Morning America” summer concert. Aespa members were seen performing in a casual style with different vibes.

The leader, Karina appeared in a monochrome style. Karina wore a black long shirt paired with striped pants. The monochrome look is even more perfect with black and white sneakers.

Karina and Winter at Incheon Airport. (koreadispatch)

Winter was the only one to appear in shorts. Winter wore an oversized brown checker-like print hoodie. She wore white sneakers that matched her casual style.

Giselle and Ningning at Incheon Airport. (koreadispatch)

Giselle sported a black-gray plaid shirt paired with bright yellow pants. Giselle couldn’t look swagger by wearing a black bucket hat.

Ningning wore an oversize white shirt paired with dark washed jeans. Her look screams a mysterious vibe by adding a black baseball cap.

Meanwhile, Aespa has just officially made a comeback with the release of their second mini-album, "Girls". This became Aespa's first comeback this year and managed to break the record of becoming the first female idol to successfully get 1.6 million pre-ordered albums throughout history.

Have you found your airport style peg among the Aespa members? Let us know which member resonates to your style more!


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