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Agust D Shatters All Expectations With Hard, Gritty "Haegeum"

K-pop, rap, hip-hop? These are the thoughts running through peoples' minds as they come across BTS's SUGA's, otherwise known by his alter ego Agust D, new hit single "Haegeum"! Let's dive in and see what made SUGA's first solo premiere a success!

Intense, chaotic, grimy, and most of all, very manly. Those are the words to describe SUGA's new single "Haegeum" which was released on Friday, April 21 at 1 PM KST. Haeguem (해금), if you didn't know, is a traditional Korean 2-stringed instrument played upright like a violin. It has a very distinct sound that isn't actually featured in the song! So why did SUGA decide to name the song "Haegeum"? It's because this song is different! The lyrics, and the meaning, are all very different from what is out there today.

SUGA seems to want to portray a different persona through his new solo project as Agust D. The meaning of the song is pretty much to be careful of today's influx of information, greed, money, and "me me me" persona. "Haegeum" shows Agust D as both the villain and the hero as it seems like he is having trouble defining who he is or wants to be.

The beat couldn't be harder as the audience can't help but bob their heads up and down to the thick bass with elements of trap. This is another type of K-pop folks! SUGA might have just changed the game with this song and we thank he for it!

It was refreshing to see this side of SUGA as this song shows a darker, more intellectual personality. It makes the listener really think about what is going on in their very own lives as the rhythmic rapping skills of SUGA flow into their eardrums.

Let us know if you also enjoyed this song as well! What's the next song you anticipate Agust D will drop next? Comment below!


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