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Former CLC member, Sorn, drops new single teaser "Crazy Stupid Lover" (Feat Pentagon's Hongseok)!

Former CLC member SORN has taken social media by storm by releasing her new music video trailer for the single "Crazy Stupid Lover", which features Hongseok from K-pop band Pentagon! Read on to find out all the cool details!

Sorn is a Thai singer who made her debut in the CLC group in 2015. She then gained increased popularity thanks to her talents as a singer and dancer, as well as her charismatic personality. Five years later in 2021, she left CLC to pursue a solo career.

The dream team collaboration with Hongseok is set to break its way into the 2024 music charts. Hongseok is a much-loved Korean singer, dancer, and member of the Pentagon group. He is known for his exceptional vocal talent and his charismatic stage presence. His collaboration with SORN arouses a lot of enthusiasm among the fans of the two artists!

Let's check out the teaser!

In this teaser, you can see two "lovers" enjoying a day around the city, with the upbeat pop melody in the background. For us, this says everything about the stereotypical Korean love story, and we think it is a smart move to have this included in her solo single, as it will feel familiar to many people.

We really love the charisma between the two, and it makes the video even more special! It also shows that her feelings is more than just "friends" and that the stereotypical love dramas can come true in some form or another.


The lyrics "they call us crazy stupid lovers" hint at a playful and rebellious romance between the couple as well, which we think is a fun twist in the video. It has left us wanting more, and we can't wait when single come out on May 17 at midnight KST, so make sure you don't miss it!

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