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AleXa puts on a unique twist to heal fans during her upcoming "Sick of you" USA Tour!

American pop singer and K-pop idol AleXa not only looks inwards to strengthen her mental fortitude, but also that of her fans! The pop singer is set to kick off her "Sick of you" USA tour in New York on March 29! We take a look at how unique this tour will be and should more concerts follow her lead!

AleXa's "Sick of you" tour will reach six cities: New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles, and will entail a unique twist to engage with her fans (A.I. Trooper)! The "Sick of you" tour will continue to give support to her new recently emotionally charged single "sick". The title track is about someone who lacks emotional confidence for being loved and undeserving of praise and being in a toxic relationship.

AleXa shares her recording session of "sick"!

“In line with the song’s overarching message of healing and growth, a counseling segment for love and other issues will be held during the concert.” — ZB label in a press conference.

A unique twist on fan engagement!

A.I. Troopers (or fans attending her concert) will be given a chance to write down their problems ahead of the concert and AleXa, during the concert, will talk through the problems her fans suggested! What a wonderful idea to not only engage with her fans but address the mental illness issues most people don't want to talk about!

Let's help change not only K-pop, but the entertainment industry!

Comment below with your thoughts on whether K-pop idols and other performers should talk about some "real" issues or issues that most of us tend to avoid. Do you think entertainment is the right place to talk about it?


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