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ATEEZ: How the first K-pop boy group to ever perform at Coachella was born

K-pop fans can't stop raving about how the first K-pop boy group to ever perform at Coachella slayed! ATEEZ has been dominating media outlets both in South Korea and abroad as they have solidified their name as one of the most electrifying acts at one of the biggest music festivals in North America! Are you curious as to how this supergroup was formed? Read on to find out!

The CD that was left in the corner

ATEEZ was formed from a CD that was left in the corner of their agency's office floor! Hongjoong (the captain, main rapper, composer, and center of the group) admired fellow KQ Entertainment boy group Block B and aspired to become a singer. Hongjoong wanted to be part of Block B, but KQ Entertainment was not holding auditions at that time. So Hongjoong made his own songs, burned them on a CD, and along with a letter, sent it to the agency.

But the agency did not listen to his CD and left it in the office corner. A year passed, and while moving offices, the agency discovered Hongjoong's CD! KQ Entertainment didn't have plans to launch a rookie group at the time, but were so impressed at Hongjoong's abilities that they contacted him right away. They accepted him as their first trainee, but things didn't really go as planned. Unlike his songwriting ability, he was tone-deaf, clumsy with his feet, and had no sense of rhythm. However, due to his diligence and willingness to overcome his shortcomings, Hongjoong was accepted into the company as an official trainee after six months and was met by his fellow trainees.

A fateful encounter

KQ Entertainment was set on having Hongjoong as their new group's captain and began auditions right away. Yunho and Mingi were talented dance students at a dance academy and met each other through their teacher. They didn't know they were auditioning for the same group so they were ecstatic when they found out they both got accepted, first Yunho and then Mingi, a month later. With the first three trainees ready to go, KQ Entertainment began a trainee curriculum that would put the wheels in motion for the full-fledged creation of an idol group.

A suit and dress shoes

San, one of the group's main dancers didn't know how to dance at all! He didn't like to study so finally, when his father took him to a concert, he said his heart was racing and he wanted to become a singer. For his audition, he didn't know what to wear so his mother prepared a suit and dress shoes for him to wear. He rapped, sang, and danced at the audition, and it became evident that his skills were lacking. Although he passed the audition, he struggled a lot during his trainee days.

With the help of his groupmates, San was able to perform a cover of BTS' "Blood, Sweat, & Tears" on a special year-end stage. Through his hard work, he is now recognized as ATEEZ's main dancer by his members as well as fans!

Conviction from everyone but himself

ATEEZ's oldest member, Seonghwa, failed countless auditions. Entering his last audition at KQ Entertainment, he was determined to give it his all and prepare his rap skills. But unfortunately, KQ Entertainment asked him to sing at the audition instead! They already thought the rap positions were filled with Hongjoong and Mingi, but they must have liked Seonghwa's singing skills since they eventually accepted him.

I want to be with you

Yeosang and Wooyoung had trained at Big Hit (HYBE) for four years and were highly sought after by other agencies. Through a bidding war, his current agency, KQ Entertainment, was able to snatch him and Wooyoung up since they were inseparable and wanted to remain together whether they "made it big" or not.

The maknae who wanted to rest?

ATEEZ's maknae (youngest member), Jongho is the main vocalist. His amazing vocal skills are no wonder KQ Entertainment snatched him up so quickly when he was a trainee at another agency. After leaving his previous agency, Jongho wanted to take a break for a couple of months, but auditioned for KQ Entertainment a week later instead with a song he made up with his friend in Hongdae while eating lunch!

From the dusty corner of an office to the big stage

So now you're all caught up with one of the biggest acts in K-pop today! Let us know how excited you are to see ATEEZ in the future! We're sure they'll shine even brighter since more publicity has given them love after an amazing show at Coachella! Comment below with your thoughts on ATEEZ!


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