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Big Mouth Soars To Viewership Hights In Latest Episode!

MBC's new hit series Big Mouth has hit new viewership ratings for their latest episode that premiered on August 6! The new episode raised show expectations as it reached 11.7%, good for 2nd place, according to Nielsen Korea.

Lee Jong Suk stars as Park Chan Ho in Big Mouth (MBC)
Lee Jong Suk stars as Park Chan Ho in "Big Mouth" (MBC)

The highly awaited legal/crime drama is about an underperforming lawyer, Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), with a measly 10% win rate. He is called "Big Mouth" because he always talks before backing it up. He gets entangled in a murder case and is sent to prison mistaken for the real "Big Mouse", a notorious criminal.

Contains Spoilers!

In the most recent episode 9, Chan Ho is fighting against the court appearance of the prison's three VIPs. Chan Ho brings up new evidence of Professor Seo's DNA found on the VIPs' bodies, but the three squirm their way out of the charge by submitted video evidence of them trying to resuscitate Professor Seo.

During the trial, as predicted by Chan Ho, the VIPs are not found guilty. Chan Ho reveals the real motive was the academic paper written by Professor Seo.

The three VIPs on trial (MBC) Big Mouth Kdrama
The three VIPs on trial (MBC)

This drama is filled with twists and turns with backstabbing and blackmail in every episode! No wonder it has a high viewership rating! Make sure to also check out our top K-dramas for this summer you don't want to miss out!

Let us know if you've seen this drama or if we persuaded you to watch it!


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