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Blackpink Fans React To Jennie's Outrageous Apology For Not Finishing Melbourne Concert

June 13 was not a happy day for BLACKPINK fans as Jennie apologized on her Instagram story for not being able to complete the group's recent Melbourne concert. Many fans reported seeing her as tired, with no energy, and looking "sickly" in many of her recent performances. We break down why we think Jennie's apology was outrageous.

In a heartfelt message, Jennie wrote: "Melbourne Blinks, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to finish the show on Sunday. I'm doing my best to recover atm. Your understanding and support means the world to me. Thank you to everyone who came to our Melbourne show. Love you guys!"

Fans voiced their concerns over the sudden exit off stage during the June 11 concert which caused the three remaining members to finish the act. Although her absence left many fans disappointed, many expressed words of support and encouragement on Twitter.

"Finally!!!!! No need to apologize my baby. You need to prioritize yourself. Feel better soon!"

"She doesn't need to apologize, we understand you my love, i hope you feel better soon, we miss you so much, get well soon our beloved, iloveyouuu!"

"She and her agency should NOT be so greedy! She's got so much going on at the same time: World tour, Film, Fashion shows, etc. I mean, come on!"

BLACKPINK is currently in the middle of a grueling "Born Pink" concert schedule which consists of 9 legs and 62 shows, many of which are back-to-back. The group is currently in France to do one show in Saint-Denis and will head off to North America for 5 more shows to finish the last leg of the concert schedule.

Why was this outrageous?

Many K-pop fans were outraged by why Jennie should have to apologize for her health. As a true professional, we feel that it was very kind of her to apologize to her fans for not showing up while many patiently waited and paid for their tickets. We also feel that she gave a great explanation to explain why she had to miss the performances, due to her lack of good health. Fans understood her reasons and appreciated her apology. What we feel is outrageous is the fact that K-pop idols are put in a position where their health is in jeopardy.

With such a grueling concert schedule, it seems that Jennie has not had time to recover in between shows and traveling long distances. Alongside diet restrictions, it could add to the lack of energy shown during her performances.

What do you think about K-pop idols and their health issues? What do you think entertainment companies should do? Let us know in the comments below and share this with people you know!

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