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BLACKPINK Will Release MV For New Song “Ready For Love” This Week

Global superstar K-pop quartet, BLACKPINK, will be releasing a new music video for their new collaboration with PUBG Mobile this week!

A tweet by PUBG, announced on July 24, that they have plans to release the music video for BLACKPINK's new single "Ready For Love". The song was partially premiered during their in-game concert, "The Virtual", this past weekend.

You can check out the partial premiere here!

The music video for “Ready For Love” will be released on July 29 at 12 a.m. EDT (1 p.m. KST).

"The Virtual" in-game concert was a huge success! Over 5 million viewers logged on to the game platform to watch!

Let us know if you were there! Are you excited about this new single?


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