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BTS Fans Under the Rubble: The Plight of BTS Palestinian ARMYs

Amidst the devastation happening in Gaza, BTS fans unite in their support for Palestine!

BTS photo card found in a rubble in Gaza
BTS photo card found in a rubble in Gaza

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Palestine, a heart-wrenching incident has brought the tragic reality faced by Palestinian BTS fans, known as the ARMY, to the forefront. As media outlets, local residents, and Palestinians searched desperately for survivors under the rubble of bombed houses, a video depicting the dire situation quickly circulated among the ARMY community, leaving many devastated.

This video was filmed by journalist Ahmed, in which he was explaining the genocide that had occurred and the total destruction. Journalist Ahmed was walking over the rubble and saw pictures, and when he grabbed the pictures, he found that they were pictures of the BTS band, and the owner of these pictures was dead under the rubble.

- Bashar Al Borini (the Jordinian Ambassador of Kpop and K-culture)

While the global BTS fandom enjoys the safety and comfort of their daily lives, Palestinian ARMY members are tragically losing their lives while sleeping in their homes. The news of their struggles has deeply saddened countless fans around the world. Amongst the despair, a glimmer of hope emerged with the remarkable survival of Suhair and her family. Their escape became possible due to the opening of borders between Egypt and Palestine and the subsequent departure of foreigners from the region.

However, despite this uplifting news, Palestinians find themselves trapped, unable to leave their homeland as only foreign nationals are allowed to exit. This predicament has left Suhair and her family unable to protect their remaining Palestinian relatives or bring them to safety.

When they opened the crossing, the embassy took us out with the foreigners.
We are fine.
But we had to continue praying and spreading what is happening in Gaza
My family, relatives and friends are still in Gaza and the war continues
I will definitely publish what is happening in Gaza on my page because I am the person who knows the feeling and has experienced everything they are currently going through.

- Suhair (The Palestinian-Korean girl)

Frustrated by these circumstances, Suhair took to her Instagram page to share her terrifying experience and raise awareness about the dire situation in Palestine.

Gaza sky last night

- Suhair (The Palestinian-Korean girl)

Al-Rasheed Street, Sea Street, is my favorite street, and it is one of the most beautiful streets in Gaza. All the words are not enough to describe it. They have destroyed all our beautiful memories. There is nothing left to say except “May God be sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs.”

- Suhair (The Palestinian-Korean girl)

Al Rasheed sea street in Gaza

- Suhair (The Palestinian-Korean girl)

The survival of Suhair and her family brought a glimmer of joy, not only to fellow Palestinians but also to the wider BTS community, including Korean celebrity Kim Daud and others who celebrated their escape from the violence.

Kim Daud IG : @jaehan9192

Many Koreans have been protesting for several days, expressing their solidarity with Palestine and calling for an end to the shelling in Gaza. Having experienced occupation themselves, Koreans empathize with the plight of the Palestinian people and understand the deep sense of longing for peace.

Koreans are known for their strong political awareness and activism. They closely follow global events and express solidarity with oppressed peoples worldwide. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has received significant attention in South Korea, leading to increased awareness about the challenges faced by Palestinians. This awareness fuels Koreans’ empathy and motivates them to support the Palestinian cause.

Koreans have a deep-rooted desire for peace due to their own experiences with division. The Korean War (1950-1953) resulted in the separation of North and South Korea, leaving families torn apart and a nation divided. Koreans understand the pain caused by conflict and yearn for peaceful resolutions. This shared longing for peace enables Koreans to empathize with Palestinians’ aspirations for a just and lasting solution.

The global community fervently hopes for an improved situation in Palestine, where the shelling ceases and innocent lives are spared. The suffering endured by Palestinian ARMY members serves as a stark reminder that amidst the fandom's love for BTS, there are real people facing unimaginable hardships. The power of music to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures is evident, as fans from around the world rally together to support Palestine and advocate for peace.

It is essential that the voices of those affected by the conflict are heard, and that efforts to find a peaceful resolution are intensified. As the world watches the dire situation unfold, it is our collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and work towards a future where peace, justice, and harmony prevail.

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