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BTS on Big Hit Music’s "Melon Radio Series"

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Big Hit Music, has partnered with Korean Music platform Melon to create their own radio series titled ‘BIGHIT Music Record.’ It launched on May 21, the very same day, that the label's Grammy-nominated music group, BTS, will be releasing their second English single 'Butter'.

Photo by @bts.bighitofficial

The show is set to feature several K-pop artists that are signed with the music company but will begin its very first show with BTS.

Tweet by @simplykoobi

Radio platform Melon announced that it will host BTS every Friday for 4 weeks, in which they will talk about their upcoming album "Proof" and their music over the years.

According to the attached schedule, Namjoon, Jin, and Taehyung were hosted today via it, but the interview is currently only available to those who have the Melon app!!

⚠️J-Hope and Jungkook May 27 at 1 pm KSA time

⚠️Suga and Jimin June 3 at 1 pm KSA time

⚠️All BTS members June 10 at 7 am KSA time 2:59 ap.m.

Are you excited about the show? Do you have the application required to watch the program?

If not, download it here! Let us know!


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