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BTS On Indefinite Hiatus

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

BTS (BBC News)

It is sad to know for many BTS fanatics that the group will be on a temporary break. Just like people who spend grueling hours working, the group too also needs to take some time off. According to BTS, they will use their break to pursue solo projects and for personal growth. The group made the announcement through a video during "Festa dinner", their ninth year anniversary.

J-Hope of BTS (Korea Joongang Daily)

So far, J-Hope is expected to be the first one to pursue solo projects among the members of the BTS. No doubt, BTS fans are waiting for J-Hope to drop his solo music, which was announced by HYBE Labels through a statement.

Certainly, fans are waiting for BTS to pursue projects as a group in the future again, despite the announcement that was just made recently.

BTS (Europosters)

Here's the original BTS Festa that was broadcasted!

We're looking forward to BTS's next chapter! We wish them all the best! Were you inspired to have some time off upon reading this? Let us know how would you spend your time off!


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