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BTS world tour 2025? Yes, you read that right!

ARMY! Get ready, as it is expected that once all of the BTS members complete their mandatory military service, a world tour could be in the cards as early as next year! Read on to learn more about these exciting details!


I was so excited to hear this news, and I had to look twice when I heard about this! Now of course, a new tour and a comeback tour would not be complete without new music, dance routines, and sets, but also the classic hits that fans love. Can BTS capture our hearts again? I sure think so!

Many of the fans have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms and said that they feel like crying due to the sudden news about the tour. Many people that I have spoken to, have expressed their excitement at this!

So in case you are wondering how long the band members have left in their military service, let's take a look.

Current military service dates:

  • Jin: December 13, 2022-June 12, 2024

  • J-Hope: April 18, 2023-October 17, 2024

  • Suga: September 22, 2023-June 21, 2025

  • RM: December 11, 2023-June 10-2025

  • Jimin: December 12, 2023-June 11, 2025

  • V: December 11, 2023-June 10, 2025

  • Jungkook: December 12, 2023-June 11, 2025

To get you in the mood for the comeback tour, check out the video below!

For me, I think that with the success of the Korean boy band to date, the tickets will likely sell out similar to that of Taylor Swift's ERAs tour, although some critics wonder if the comeback from the K-pop band will be the same.

Will you be trying to buy a ticket to the BTS World Tour 2025? Let us know in the comments below!


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