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[Cafe of the Month] Be the person your dog thinks you are and visit Balnesia Dog Café!

If you are a dog lover, and are looking for an alternative and very Instagramable café to visit this spring, then you should check out Balnesia dog café in Daegu!

European style streets. Photo: Balnesia
European style streets(Photo: Balnesia)

Now, I have three Korean rescue dogs, so I am always looking for a place to take them. Also, as photography is a hobby of mine, I had found it really hard to find a café where I can enjoy my hobby and let the dogs play. That all changed when I discovered Balnesia café in Daegu.

The café on the outskirts of Daegu, boasts a wide indoor and outdoor play space and on top of that Balnesia has a dog hotel, training centre and day care centre, and fairly priced snacks and drinks.

European inspiration, has led Balnesia to be a cool, romantic and Instagramable photo destination whether you have a dog or not!

Interactive photo spots. Photo: Lewis Hooper
Interactive photo spots. (Photo: Lewis Hooper)

The café has many photo areas where you can enjoy taking pictures with your furry friends, or simply taking in the European views, and pretending that you are in Spain or France for the afternoon!

My dogs all really loved coming to the café, and the staff were very friendly which made the visit even more enjoyable.

All of my dogs are able to run around and interact with other people and dogs which is amazing for their social skills. Whilst they were doing this, I was able to take some cut pictures, and enjoy some much needed relaxation!

Instagramable areas. Photo: Lewis Hooper
Instagramable areas. (Photo: Lewis Hooper)

Once you’re inside the café, you’ll see a lot of dogs roaming about. Many dog cafés have an assortment of breeds both big and small to suit nearly everyone’s tastes. The dogs are free to roam around in most areas.

Balnesia had a fully-stocked menu full of coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, and non-caffeinated beverages. You can also eat all sorts of café fare, usually pastries and perhaps donuts and cupcakes too and of course ramen! Of course, there are treats to purchase for your four legged friends too!

Happy dogs. Photo: Lewis Hooper
Happy dogs. Photo: Lewis Hooper

Whether you have a dog or you simply want to hang out with some for the afternoon, then Balnesia is the place to head this spring. When I was there, there were many customers who came solely to interact with dogs, and did not actually own a dog themselves. So why not visit Balnesia for yourself and make a fantastic spring time memory?

Address: Achaun, Daegu City, Gapchang, Jang Chang, 176 Gil 33

Phone: 053-761-7979

Instagram: balnesia

Let us know in the comments below, if you will be visiting Balnesia café this spring!


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